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2020 - 2021 Season

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September 2020

Dear Friends, Clients and Artists,

I keep hearing the words New Normal. As much as we would all love to go back to the way we were, I do not see that in the near future. One thing I have noticed is more kindness and understanding from most people. I hope we all realize how vulnerable our elderly are and how important it is to stay in touch. There is a promise for a better future, we all have to adjust.

The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery opens September 1, 2020. Our hours for September are 11:00-4:00, closed Wednesday. I can not wait to see you all. Please visit us with a mask on, it is mandatory. If you do not have one, the gallery will supply you with a standard face mask and will also have disposable gloves and hand sanitizer available.

Hope to see you soon,
Pat Aguilar-owner

Gallery hours for September are 11:00 - 4:00, closed on Wednesday.

All summer we have been showing the work of different artists in the gallery on our Facebook page. Gretchen and I have decided to keep posting through the season. What you see in photos are all available in the gallery. You may text or Email or call if you are interested in purchasing a piece. 520-988-0131 femi9mystique@gmail.com.

See You in the Gallery!

The Feminine Mystique has five new artists in the gallery;

Joyce Pink

Joyce is an underwater photographer. She has shot pictures all over the world. We have photos on metal from Roatan-Honduras, Great Barrier Reef-Australia, Bequia Island, Red Sea-Egypt, Rio Duce-Guatemala and Hawaii.

All profits from the sales of Joyce Pink’s underwater photos on metal go to WATERTIMES FOUNDATION, a foundation dedicated to increasing education and awareness of the beautiful underwater world most have never seen.

Lori Johnson — creative and inspired glass work

Lori's love of working with dichroic glass started with a class in Green Valley, Arizona and continues today. The class was taught by another artist in the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery, Nancy Klapak. She studied architecture, art and cartography in Portland, Oregon and spent time as a graphic design intern before graduating and moving into the computer programming field. She is also a Reiki II practitioner. Now retired from the computer field, she has been enthusiastically embracing her art again.

Lori grew up in a military family and lived around the world. She lived on Okinawa for several years and traveled with her family to Bangkok, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Later in life she traveled to France and Spain and was delighted to visit some of the works by her favorite architects: Le Corbusier's Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France and many buildings by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. She is inspired by their unconventional use of design and color and continues to experiment to test the limits of dichroic glass and the combining of other media with the glass.

One of her current projects is creating an adorable family of dichroic glass owls. The owls can be worn as brooches, pendants or hat pins. Each owl has its own unique personality. Lori’s process involves several steps – choosing the glass for the eyes, wings and beak and then forming the wire for the “hairdo” and feet. After firing in the glass kiln, the hair and feet are colored and decorated.

Kay Lynn Reilly — expertly taken western photos on metal

After 30 years of dedicating my life to my business in Wedding and Portrait photography, timing was ripe for a shift into the world of Fine Art. I had dreamed of
it most of my life, with many excursions to the West and Southwest to explore, research and discover my true intention. (Southwest Landscape, Rodeo, Horses,
Cowgirls, Americana, Wild West, Native Americans, and Cactus)

My journey has taken me from the Northwest, to Wyoming, Southern Utah, and now to Tucson, connecting with the most wonderful people and places in my never-ending pursuit of the photograph. The camera has been my friend, my tool, my shield, and my purpose.

Photography, my gift, is also my medicine. When it was film, I was all about the black and white. While studying Art and transitioning to digital, I experimented with exaggerated color, texture, and emotional response. I fully experience the
therapeutic effects of working with bright colors. Beauty and color can inspire healing, as well as passion to create. It is my soul desire to make beautiful photographs in colors that make me feel joyful, harmonious, and free.

Susan Reed — light and durable cork purses

I have been a professional artist in one medium or another for over 40 years. It is simply who I am. As a child I always had a pencil in my hand and drawing paper on my lap. I knew from a very young age that I saw the physical world differently than others and it felt perfectly natural to me. Growing up in the beautiful state of Maine provided all the inspiration I could ask for.

Over the year I have explored countless media and each one has allowed me to grow and improve as an artist. I was never to hold myself to one passion, as each endeavor led to other ideas and other problem- solving.

My current work as a handbag designer is by far the most rewarding and satisfying of any of my artistic endeavors and will most likely be what takes me to the grave. The three dimensional aspect, something that I can physically hold has always been my delight. 

The cork leather that I am working with is not only beautiful and durable, it is a totally renewable resource. It is supple, colorful, and hold s beautiful shape.
I also use  it as a “ canvas” for my original hand- painted panels brings that I feel brings an added dimension to my bags, making them truly a one-of-a- kind piece.

Andrea Frost — returning artist, excellent fused glass jewelry

Andrea Frost's background draws on both the culture and vibrancy of the city, having been born in New York, and also very profoundly on the spirit and beauty of the Arizona desert, where she was raised from the age of 12. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson and pursued her graduate studies at Pratt Institute in New York. While using her talents and training to teach art to young adults, Andrea pursued various forms of artistic expression, bringing her sense of elegance and beauty to every endeavor. 

Andrea focused much of her early artistic efforts on watercolor painting, finding inspiration in its beautiful play of light and color.  This same love drew her to dichroic glass with its similar display of brilliance and beauty.  She uses etching, layering and fusing techniques to create beautifully colored and patterned glass, and then with sterling silver wire wrap, silver fabrication techniques, and mixed gemstones and beads, she fashions the glass into distinctive jewelry and decorative art. 

Some of Andrea's signature pieces include glass pendants and decorative tiles which depict beautiful desert landscapes against a monsoon sky or a starry night.  Also, with her deep appreciation and love of wildlife and animals of all sorts, she is known for her very colorful and fun assortment of animal brooches, representing horses, rabbits, cats, dogs and bumblebees.  All for you to wear and enjoy!


October 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for October are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

November 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for November are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

December 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for December are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

January 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for January are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

February 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for February are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

March 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for March are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.

April 2020

In this unpresedented time, Events and Features for April are yet to be determined. Check back oftern for more information.


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