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Summer 2018

The Gallery is currently running on Summer hours:

11AM to 4PM Thrusday through Sunday.
The Gallery will be Closed July and August.
See You in September.

NEW, Pat Aguilar is having a summer workshop. “BEAD ON CLAY” You are given a clay figure with holes to sew on bead work. Pat will guide you through adding the beads to the figure, all materials supplied. You will go home with your own unique beaded figure. Class date: Saturday, July 14 from 2:00-5:00 Cost $48. You are encouraged to bring your own beads as well. To reserve your space for the class, call Pat 520-988-0131

I want to give a big thanks to all the visiting artists this 2017-2018 season. They are what makes this gallery great!

Jen Hocking

Born in 1963 to a family of artists and writers, Jennifer Hocking was raised in a home that encouraged creative exploration. Emerging from such a rich environment, she carried an intrinsic, critical sense of form, fluidity, color and beauty coupled with a thoughtful intellect. Drawing from both the mundane and profoundly spiritual, she left a career that offered a limited creative outlet to give birth to her son, an inspired time during which her creative energy demanded exploration. Working initially in highly detailed polymer clay ornaments and jewelry, she allowed herself to embrace a dynamic exploration of various mediums, including abstract painting and glass art. Recently settled into a new home and studio in the Arizona desert, she has returned to polymer clay with clarity of expression. Mosaic collages of shape, color and texture, her work incorporates components from past endeavors, including wire, glass and metal beads, handmade papers and pigment powders. Deeply intuitive and self-taught, she is an artist who's voice has grown and evolved from childhood through life's experiences, resulting in unique works that are at the same time highly individualized yet representative of common threads that unite us all.


Gretchen LimaWood

Dollmaking is Gretchen Lima’s passion! Having graduated with a B.A. in Art from Northland College in Wisconsin, she went on to attain a K-12 Teaching Degree in 1976. Subsequently, as a Homecraft Teacher in Vocational Rehabilitation, she put her skills and knowledge to work helping others.

In 1985, Gretchen established her own business: Designs by Gretchen. Technically speaking, she is a fabric dollmaker whose work appeals to the eye and prompts the hand to touch. Her work is an expression of what she sees and what she feels. The dolls she creates are female, and American Indian in nature. They project a spiritual message which so many people connect with and are drawn to. They arouse our spiritual being.

Numerous awards have been afforded Gretchen over the years, recognizing the beauty and artistry inherent in her work. Natural fibers are used in the dolls’ hair as well as the handwoven or hand-dyed clothing. She hand sculpts each face individually. All the dolls are signed, dated and copyrighted – a wonderful find for Collectors.

Ashley Coll

I am a professional artist whose medium is acrylics on canvas. Originally from the New York Metropolitan area, I now live in the Southwest. I have an MA in art having studied at Vassar, Columbia, Hofstra University, Montclaire University, The Art Students' League and the Du Cret School of Art. I have been an instructor at several colleges and the University of Virginia's Far Eastern Division in Okinawa and conducted many workshops in my areas of expertise. My work is in both national and international collections.

Although I have worked in various mediums the chosen medium for my most recent work is Chinese ink, rice paper and acrylic on canvas. I achieve my unique visual effects by use of ink on rice paper and then the application of multiple layers of acrylic glazes, gels and tissue paper for texture.

As a former board member of the Sumi-e Society of America I am trying to foster an appreciation of Chinese brush painting, incorporating its spontaneity and fluidity into my own work. In my current work I attempt to capture a spirit of chi and create a feeling of zen, a place of quiet where one can enter and contemplate.

At the moment, In my latest series, inspired by the beauty of the Southwest landscape, I am attempting to portray the effects of the primal forces of nature on the world about us. I want to draw the viewer into my exploration and provoke a sense of wonder. I seek to create a world of beauty and mystery the viewer will want to enter, and in entering, discover something uniquely visionary. Along with themes from nature, I am excitedly exploring the use of spiritual and religious symbolism in my work.


Pat Aguilar

Pat (Patricia Jean Druener) was born in New York City in 1949. Her father came as a boy from Germany and her mother was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Growing up in the military exposed Pat to different cultures, both in the United States and Germany.

Being a child in the 1950's was very confusing for a girl. We were told we didn't need higher education (think about a career), "You'll just get married anyway." Also, it was so very important to be attractive, "How else will you get a man?" Being yourself didn't do it.

By the time she was forming her own opinion, Pat had strong feelings against inequality, whether it was Black/White, Jew/Gentile, Male/Female.

Betty Friedan made a big difference in Pat's life. She knew by reading The Feminine Mystique, she could do anything she wanted to do, career-wise, family, etc. Ms. Friedan had a gentle and educative touch, a more sensible approach at being all, as a woman.

Denise Merrick

Denise is a jewelry artist originally from New York City, now living and working in the Las Vegas area. She’s had a creative outlet all of her life; designing and crafting jewelry is the next step in her development as an artist. Her love of color led her to a obtain certification as a decorative painter, a skill that she taught for many years. She also had a large ceramics studio in New York, where she taught classes and ran a wholesale/retail business in ceramics. As she was transitioning away from ceramics, Precious Metal Clay was just beginning to come into use. Denise has begun working in this material and continues to explore metal work with both clay and sheet metals.For the last several years Denise has concentrated her creative energies on making beaded, crystal, and metal jewelry. She sells much of her work through home jewelry parties and shows because she enjoys being with people and seeing their delight and appreciation when they find just the right piece for themselves or as a gift for family and friends.

JoAnn Haydocy

I started my career selling and designing scientific borosilicate glassware for the educational and research arena. I soon became aware that I loved glass and all the qualities of that medium. The scientific side of me began to develop into other projections and finally into art. I started the artistic side of glass about 7 years ago. The fundamentals are the same but when color is introduced a new set of rules develop. Kiln formed glass is equal amounts of science and art. The science came easy and the artistic side had to be schooled.

Natural landscapes are a gift from nature. To see a body of water with depth and movement, I must have layer upon layer of fine glass to illustrate that complexity. Glass frit design is similar to the impressionist paintings. If you look closely at the artwork, you can see tiny points of color. When you move five feet or more away from the piece, a more cohesive picture is developed for the viewer. I wish to move that viewer either with memories or just the beauty of the artwork itself.

As the artistic side of me moves into the future, I look at the world in shades of COE 90 glass. The color range is limited. If one mixes blue and red paint - shades of purple appear. With glass you have dots of blue and dots of red. They do not mix into a new color. Therefore, with science, experience, and a lot of heat I get that purple color by the challenge of layering colors not mixing. Therefore, I believe kiln formed glass is as much science as art.

Peggy Wilmore

Peggy began her artistic journey in Denver, Colorado, where her emerging talent was recognized with a full scholarship to The Cooper Union in New York City. As a student she found employment in the East Village theatre community, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Peg departed NYC to explore landscape painting in oils in Latin America. She developed her impressionistic style depicting local people and places while traveling through Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras. Returning to Denver, she exhibited this work at Pirate: Contemporary Oasis and found further opportunities in theatre set design.

In 1997 Peg moved to Tucson and enrolled at the University of Arizona. To support her family she worked as a custom decorative painter, and with entrepreneurial success launched Arizona Faux & Mural, collaborating with award-winning designers Sandra Keeney of Aesthetics Interiors and Tom and Susan Lujan. Peg completed her MFA and taught at the University of Arizona. She shows her work at the Feminine Mystique Gallery in Tubac and curates exhibits for Sky Bar and Brooklyn Pizza in Tucson. She enjoys entering her work into Juried exhibitions such as the recent Arizona Weather at Sky Harbor Airport and solo exhibition opportunity at the Burton-Barr Library also in Phoenix, Arizona.
Peg continues to work on various projects for both private and commercial interests.

Cindy Connolly

Creating art has been my passion for almost forty years. I am a self taught artist and have been blessed with my grandfather’s talent. I find that there is a lot of joy in creating and sharing my art and discovering someone who enjoys it also. I love photography and I sometimes draw from my photographs. Pen and ink, watercolors, colored pencils and colored markers are the media that I enjoy working with the most. I love to use my imagination to create beautiful art. I am originally from Boston and have lived in Arizona for 5 years. I have illustrated several children’s books while in Boston, but now I am privileged to be in Galleries in Arizona, one of which is Feminine Mystique thanks to Pat.

Diane Fuller

Diane moved to Phoenix, Arizona, from Texas seventeen years ago. She was so impressed with the beautiful sunsets she witnessed and set about capturing the beauty she discovered. Her father was a big influence in encouraging her to paint with oils. They painted side-by-side together when she was a child.

Later on, Diane was involved in raising her two sons and that did not allow much free time for her art. Since then, she has time to devote solely to her artistic ambitions and has built a studio on her property, allowing her the space and solitude to create her beautiful paintings. She loves capturing nature, especially sunsets. Diane tends to use both warm and cool colors in each work of art and uses vivid colors while maintaining realism.

Madonna Lane

Ms. Lane was born and raised in the Midwest and moved to the Rocky Mountain region in the early 1960's. Although not officially "an artist," she was an observer of nature and a lover of the beautiful country that God created. The extensive travel throughout the country has enhanced her deep love of nature and her desire to express these feelings in fresh, transparent watercolors.

Once settled in Littleton, Colorado, Ms. Lane accepted a part-time position at Studio West Gallery where she was exposed to some of the finest local art work being offered for sale, and additionally, learned the fine art of professionally matting and framing her own work. During this time, she studied with local artists, rita derjue, Charles Rogers, Rick Brogan and others. Later she was fortunate to participate in several watercolor workshops given in Colorado, Vermont and Sedona, Arizona by nationally and internationally known author and watercolor professional Zoltan Szabo. She has also taken classes from distinguished professionals Steve Quiller, Raleigh Kinney and Bob Williamson.

Her work is proudly displayed in homes and corporations from California to Cape Cod and Wisconsin to Louisiana, in England and in Canada.

Donna Stover

I have been painting and drawing all my life. After receiving my degree in the Arts from the University of Redlands, I moved to Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and now Arizona. My experience is in watercolors, charcoal, oil pastels, and acrylics. I loved doing figure drawing and cartooning. After moving to Tucson, I seriously began taking Oil Painting classes. With this move to Tucson, my faithful pet, Dukie our Westie, was always my companion and I began painting him. I loved the creative process and found that there was more to the painting. As I have reflected on each animal I paint, I have realized how deep the connection is between people and their animals. I started acknowledging how important the bond is between people and their pets. I longed to show that love and devotion to as many people as possible. Animals show a well-lived life. Style and fashion as well as the bond of faithfulness are shared among devoted animal lovers. It is my desire to show in a portrait the uniqueness of each special pet and its owner.

Pam Crittenden

Pam was born in the summer of 1952 in a small town in southeast Kansas. Her childhood was spent growing up on a farm and she has many wonderful memories of that experience.

Pam’s love of art began as a child and continued through her teen years. In college, she pursued a career in computer technology. With a degree in Computer Science, she spent her work-life as a data analyst until retirement in the fall of 2015.

Upon retirement, she returned to her love of art. Her clay work is Southwest in design with each pot or vase being hand-built and one-of-a-kind.

Her Southwest paintings depict our colorful desert with its unique flowers, cacti, sensational sunrises, and stunning sunsets. Her Midwest roots may also appear in her work as lovely rolling hills, wheat fields, barnyards, beautiful trees, waterfalls, and flowers.
Just for fun, Pam enjoys painting birdhouses (adding some “Bling” to them) and creating other types of yard art such as totems with clay!

Pam is a full-time resident of Green Valley, Arizona and shares her home with two very bossy and demanding cats. She participates in local art shows, is a member of the Santa Rita Art League, and now displays her work at the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery in Tubac, Arizona.

Donna Vargas

Donna Vargas developed a love for gourd art over thirty years ago. She purchased a raw gourd at a craft store and after much time spent cleaning and preparing the gourd, she sketched a design and voila her first gourd creation was born. She actually joined the American Gourd Society at that time. However, her interest in gourds had to take a back seat to raising her five children and her full time career of over forty years as a registered nurse.

It was not until she retired to Southern Arizona in 2002 that she was finally able to devote a majority of her time to gourd art. She considers herself a relative newcomer to gourd art, but has rekindled what has become a passion for this art form. After creating just a few pieces, she was encouraged by her friends and family who now own some of her works which are displayed proudly in their homes. She uses various mediums including coiling, teneriffe, wood burning, acrylic paints and various forms of carving.

Melissa Branzell

Glass has always captured my heart and soul ever since childhood. I’ve finally reached a point in my life to be able to do this as a hobby starting with stained glass. Needless to say, the hobby has become a passion especially when I got into the hot glass portion of glass art. Glass to me is an art medium that can do so many designs, cold or hot.

When the light hits glass, it takes on a dimension. I have been very lucky to learn from some of the best in glass fusing.
I owe the following for inspiration and guidance: Vicki Day (my glass mentor), Don McKenny, Jane Persico, Shirley Webster, Newy Fagan, Gill Renolds, Dan Fenton, Kathleen Sheard, Roger Thomas.

Also thanks to the artists that donated prizes for our monthly raffle.


by Diane Fuller
October 2017

Council of Women
by Joyce Hornbacker
November 2017

Polar Bear
by JoAnn Haydocy
December 2017


Santa Fe Horse
by Gretchen LimaWood
January 2018

Vist from Mother Earth
by Pat Aguilar
February 2018


Gambling Women and Carmen
by Debbie Cope
March 2018

Botanical Beauty
by Donna Vargas
April 2018

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