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2022 - 2023 Season

Visit this page often for updates on events at the gallery and in Tubac.

Summer 2023

Summer 2023
Feminine Mystique Art Gallery

Our season is coming to an end. I want to thank all the visiting artists who shared their talents during our special events.

Starting May 2023 through June the gallery will be open Thursday - Sunday 11AM - 4PM.
The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery will be closed July and August.

Thank You! to all of our Visiting Artists during the 2022 - 2023 Season

Susan Marvin

Miniature Masterpieces

Susan creates small acrylic and watercolor paintings that explore vintage treasure hunting, wood salvaging, and nature observations in an often-remarked emotional, humorous and creative way.
She utilizes found vintage frames in her body of work titled: Vintage Mini’s. Susan’s frame gathering bins quickly outgrew her studio space, and in order to continue collecting, Susan knew she had to encompass the frames into her artwork. Watercolor paintings are assembled inside those vintage frames, resulting in a “picture within a picture” effect that is captivating as well as original.

Tina Levy

Precision Wrapped Jewelry

Artistic affinity is hereditary in our family of welders, quilters, and painters. Throughout my childhood in snowbound Maine of the 60’s, I embraced sewing, knitting, crocheting, rug braiding, crewelwork and needlepoint. Transplanting to a warmer climate in 2000, I started my journey as a bead artist in Florida making funky beaded earrings, Cellini reverse spiral pendants, and bracelets of bead crochet, kumihimo, and peyote.

Mari Loehrlein

Mosaic Magic

Mari’s range of mosaic technique includes the use of broken pottery known as picasiette; cutting both precise and random shapes from stained glass; cutting ceramic tile, Italian smalti, marble floor tiles; making ceramic elements; and designing and making fused glass elements for use in mosaics. She has used all of these techniques and sold various pieces incorporating many of them.

Sharon Stringer

Sewing from the Heart

Sharon loves to express the culture, plant life, geography and colors of Southern Arizona and Mexico in her pillows. Making people smile is of utmost importance with her whimsical and humorous themes. Her pillows feature machine embroidery, quilting, couching, hand made piping, and fabric dying.  All of her pillows are one of a kind and many have an unexpected combination of prints and trims that create interest and a unique design. 

Barb Livdahl

Native Inspired Figures

In response to a spiritual encounter with a wolf and an intrinsic interest in the strength, culture and spirit of the Plains Indians, Barb creates her “Spirit Dolls.” Each doll is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. Specific to each large, standing doll, the leather clothing and moccasins are all buckstitched by hand according to old customs. Beadwork, fetishes, pipes, etc., are also hand made using authentic materials. Her smaller, hanging dolls reflect the same instinctual knowledge while presented in a more contemporary realm.

Annette Lowery

Little People and Watercolor

After moving to Arizona in 2018, Anette now lives in Marana with her husband and 2 cats describing herself as an artist who is in love with the ‘endless blue skies of the desert’. Her life experiences have included 25 years of traveling with her Navy husband, two children and numerous pets. This artist, with a few lessons here and there is primarily self-taught, has been involved with the creative process since childhood and felt that she never had enough paper, tape, crayons or paint. Currently her interests are in watercolors and soft sculpture characters she calls her Little Friends. The beauty and colors of the desert world around her as well as the architecture of the Sonoran Desert and customs of its people are a source of constant stimulation. Her desire is to continue to grow as an artist as she immerses herself in the creation of new and exciting pieces.

Joyce Chaney

Creations with silk ties

Tucson based artist using mixed media to create exciting works based on the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Over her lifetime the artist has been honing her craft, never knowing a time without a paint brush or pencil in her hand. Her preferred 'tools of the trade' are many and varied to include colored pencil, pen, acrylic, ink, fabric art and assemblage with found objects. As part of a growing art community in Arizona she has served on the Ajo Council for the Fine Arts, has been instrumental in the creation and maintenance of the Art Under the Arches Gallery located in Ajo, Arizona. Joyce taught art through the Gila Bend School K-12 in Gila Bend, Arizona for 28 years. The artist has also shared her love of art while teaching for Arizona Western College, Summer Arts Program Director for the town of Gila Bend, a children's book illustrator as well as serving on the Committee for Park Sculpture "Art in Public Places" and a member of the Desert Artist Guild of Ajo.

Vickie Johnson

Mixed media marvel

Working with art soothes my soul and brings me a lot of pleasure. I hope my work brings joy to others. Being creative and exploring all kinds of art forms is what most interests me. The mediums I enjoy working with are: paint, woodburning, solder
sculpting, scratch art, and glass fusion. My art focuses primarily on my love for animals. I think our human family has a lot to learn from these beautiful creatures.

I am self taught. I learn and experiment as I go. I refer to books, magazines and U tube for guidance. I have also attended several local art classes. I’m most thankful for the ability I have and want to continue to share this with others. Should you have a specific subject of interest please enquire within.

Madonna Lane

Arizona watercolor

Madonna M. Lane was born and raised in the Midwest and moved to the Rocky Mountain region in the early 1960’s. Family moves allowed for extensive travel though out the United States, which enhanced her observation of nature and a deep love of the beautiful country that God created with a profound desire to express those feelings in fresh, transparent watercolors.

Seeking to improve her creativity, Ms. Lane has participated in watercolor/water media workshops in Colorado, Vermont and Arizona with internationally known author and artist, Zoltan Szabo, prior to his death. She has also taken workshops from distinguished professionals Rick Brogan, Raleigh Kinney, and Stephen Quiller.

Donna Stover

Pet Portraits

I have been painting and drawing all my life. After receiving my degree in the Arts from the University of Redlands, I moved to Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and now Arizona. My experience is in watercolors, charcoal, oil pastels, and acrylics. I loved doing figure drawing and cartooning. After moving to Tucson, I seriously began taking Oil Painting classes. With this move to Tucson, my faithful pet, Dukie our Westie, was always my companion and I began painting him. I loved the creative process and found that there was more to the painting. As I have reflected on each animal I paint, I have realized how deep the connection is between people and their animals. I started acknowledging how important the bond is between people and their pets. I longed to show that love and devotion to as many people as possible. Animals show a well-lived life. Style and fashion as well as the bond of faithfulness are shared among devoted animal lovers. It is my desire to show in a portrait the uniqueness of each special pet and its owner.

Diane West

Gourds and Feathers

Diane has experimented with numerous art forms over the years but gourds have become her main focus due to the challenge they offer. Starting with a dried hard-shelled gourd you must envision your goal for the finished piece—then comes the process of determining the best way to get there using a variety of products and techniques.

The challenge and the reward of using “Nature’s Gift—the gourd” to create a mask, figure, bowl, or other piece of art keeps the artist engrossed in her passion for gourd art. She also teaches fundamental gourd art classes for beginners. “ I love to see my students’ enthusiasm as they develop their techniques and love for gourds.”

Brenda Peo

Animals that entertain

Self taught oil artist.. born in Chicago.. but grew up in the desert SW. I have had my own line of SW style jewelry for the past 25 years.. using Copper.. Red Brass and Sterling Silver.. successfully selling at art fairs throughout the SW states.. however.. it turned into a job and was not satisfying my creative spirit..

I started painting in 2008.. focusing on painting animals.. trying to capture their curious personalities.. and quirky traits..
I find the expression the most important element.. while infusing the subject with personality.. There is never a shortage of volunteers.. I like to call my style.. a bit of realism/impressionism.. with a dash of humor..

JoAnn Haydocy

Fused Perfection

I started my career selling and designing scientific borosilicate glassware for the educational and research arena. I soon became aware that I loved glass and all the qualities of that medium. The scientific side of me began to develop into other projections and finally into art. I started the artistic side of glass about 7 years ago. The fundamentals are the same but when color is introduced a new set of rules develop. Kiln formed glass is equal amounts of science and art. The science came easy and the artistic side had to be schooled.

Natural landscapes are a gift from nature. To see a body of water with depth and movement, I must have layer upon layer of fine glass to illustrate that complexity. Glass frit design is similar to the impressionist paintings. If you look closely at the artwork, you can see tiny points of color. When you move five feet or more away from the piece, a more cohesive picture is developed for the viewer. I wish to move that viewer either with memories or just the beauty of the artwork itself.

I also want to thank the village for their participation in both Fall and Spring Art Walks. We all made it a success. 

Our summer hours starting May 15 through June , Thursday - Sunday, 11-4:00.  Closed July and August. 

If you want to visit the gallery on our closed days, call Pat Aguilar for a private showing. 520-988-0131. July and August we do a deep cleaning and rearrange the art, It may be hard to see anything then.

Watch for our web site, femaleartgallery.com. In late September we will post the 2023-24 season events.

Look forward to seeing you again, Pat


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