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2023 - 2024 Season

February 2024 | March 2024 | April 2024

Visit this page often for updates on events at the gallery and in Tubac.

February 2024

The Tubac Festival of the Arts is upon us, February 7-11. The village will be full of tents, good food, and entertainment. Come join us at the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery, visit with our artists and enjoy a friendly atmosphere of joy and celebration.

65th annual Tubac Festival of the Arts February 7 - 11, 2024
Festivals have been a tradition in The Historic Village of Tubac since 1959. The Tubac Festival of the Arts is Southern Arizona’s longest running art festival. 

Highlights of the Festival include more than 250 fine artists and craftsmen, a large assortment of festival eateries, and live entertainment.  Exhibiting artists are integrated throughout The Village, along roadways and plazas, and woven among the more than 125 art galleries, boutiques, specialty shops, and restaurants – providing one of the most spectacular art settings in Arizona! 

Discover the place Where Art and History Meet! We are located just 45 minutes south of Tucson.

Reservations are suggested at hotels, B&Bs, and restaurants in The Village, Tubac Golf Resort and Spa, and in Tumacacori, Arizona for all festivals and events.

February Featured Artist:

Mari Loehrlein

Mosaic Pictures and Mirrors


Mari Loehrlein

Marietta, who also goes by Mari, was born in southern Indiana, attended college and worked in Tucson, California, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. She taught Horticulture at Western Illinois University before retiring and devoting her time to traveling and in creative pursuits.

About two years into retirement she re-discovered mosaic, having been inspired by a mosaic mirror during her travels, and recalling the technique she had learned in a high school art class. Friends contributed leftover stained glass from their projects, she made her first mosaic (a birdbath), and has never looked back!

Mari joined the Society of American Mosaic Artists and attended a conference, taking workshops and meeting other mosaic artists. She also enrolled in numerous helpful online classes through Mosaic Arts Online and began mastering several different mosaic styles and techniques. In Tucson, she learned how to make her own ceramic mosaic elements at Santa Theresa Tile Works. She attended workshops at the Chicago Mosaic School and learned the hammer and hardie technique of Italian smalti cutting, stained glass cutting and designing and working with Italian smalti.

Mari’s range of mosaic technique includes the use of broken pottery known as picasiette; cutting both precise and random shapes from stained glass; cutting ceramic tile, Italian smalti, marble floor tiles; making ceramic elements; and designing and making fused glass elements for use in mosaics. She has used all of these techniques and sold various pieces incorporating many of them.

Her most challenging piece has been the “Garden Throne” made from an original design using Styrofoam insulation board and cement as a substrate, then covered with tiles she made in her class at Santa Theresa Tile Works.

Her substrates run the gamut from glass to wood to concrete, and she has made outdoor pieces that can be left outside year-round in a snowy, cold-weather climate, as well as indoor pieces. She particularly enjoys creating pendants for necklaces.

Artists Visiting at the Gallery During Festival

February 7 - 11, 2024

Ashley Coll

India ink paintings

Mari Loehrlein

Stained Glass Mosaic Pictures, Wind Chimes & Mirrors

Madonna Lane

Endearing Water colors

Art by these Patron Favorites is available in the gallery everyday.

Pat Aguilar

Sandy Applegate

Gretchen LimaWood

Peg Wilmore

Brenda Peo

Arlene Zaloznik

Roxanne Beckman

Sherry Darrah

Donna Wahl


Stop in the Gallery and sign up for our E-newsletter and be included in our monthly RAFFLE to win an original piece of art. Even if you are already on our mailing list, you are eligible to come in each month to place a new ticket in the vase. February's prize will be TV King by Peg Wilmore.

--TV king

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March 2024

Nice weather is finally here. Time to plan outside travel and for visiting favorite places like Tubac. 

March is full of Tubac events. The month of March is “Hawk Watch”, it is celebrated by the Tubac Nature Center. Perfect time to get your camera and see all the different hawks in the Tubac area. 

“Open Studio Tours”, March 8-10, is a favorite , sponsored by the Tubac Center of the Arts. This event highlights art studios and galleries from Nogales to Amado. Lots of businesses in Tubac will have visiting artists and special deals. The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery will host Gretchen LimaWood, an all time favorite for this gallery. Gretchen will be out front demonstrating her unique techniques in cloth figures and horses.

Spring Art Walk, March 22-24, has been a special event in Tubac for over 40 years. This event is just for the village shops and galleries. We all come together to show you what wonderful merchandise we have. Drop by any participating shop to pick up a walking map that will highlight us all.

March Featured Artist:

Lori Johnson

Very Classy Fused Glass Jewelry

Lori Johnson

Lori's love of working with dichroic glass started with a class in Green Valley, Arizona and continues today. The class was taught by another artist in the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery, Nancy Klapak. She studied architecture, art and cartography in Portland, Oregon and spent time as a graphic design intern before graduating and moving into the computer programming field. She is also a Reiki II practitioner. Now retired from the computer field, she has been enthusiastically embracing her art again.

Lori grew up in a military family and lived around the world. She lived on Okinawa for several years and traveled with her family to Bangkok, Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines. Later in life she traveled to France and Spain and was delighted to visit some of the works by her favorite architects: Le Corbusier's Notre-Dame du Haut in Ronchamp, France and many buildings by Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain. She is inspired by their unconventional use of design and color and continues to experiment to test the limits of dichroic glass and the combining of other media with the glass.

One of her current projects is creating an adorable family of dichroic glass owls. The owls can be worn as brooches, pendants or hat pins. Each owl has its own unique personality. Lori’s process involves several steps – choosing the glass for the eyes, wings and beak and then forming the wire for the “hairdo” and feet. After firing in the glass kiln, the hair and feet are colored and decorated.

Meet these wonderful artists at Feminine Mystique Art Gallery
in March

Gretchen LimnaWood

Fabric images of empowered women

Visiting during "Open Studio Tours" March 8 - 10

The Tubac Spring Art Walk is a celebration of art and the creative process during the weekend of March 22-24, 2024 from 10 am to 5 pm. This long-standing tradition allows visitors to meet the artists of Tubac inside the Village’s galleries and artist studios. See art in action, witness the artists at work, and enjoy the hospitality of Tubac’s many art galleries, boutiques, specialty shops, and restaurants.

Tina Levy

Exceptional wrapped jewelry

Spring Art Walk, March 23 & 24

Diane Delaney

Building art in clay

Spring Art Walk, March 22 - 24

Lori Johnson

Bright and beautiful fused glass jewelry

Spring Art Walk, March 22 - 24

Stop in the Gallery and sign up for our E-newsletter and be included in our monthly RAFFLE to win an original piece of art. Even if you are already on our mailing list, you are eligible to come in each month to place a new ticket in the vase. March's prize will be Zebra and Giraffe by Vicki Johnson.

--Zebra and Giraffe

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April 2024

April brings us more great weather and friendly faces at the Feminine Mystique Art Gallery. Joanie and Josette are here to help you or send you in the right direction to find what you are looking for. 

April 27-28 is Bonanza Days in Tubac, or the Feminine Mystique calls it, “Starving Artist Sale”. This is a great time to buy those pieces of art you have been wanting all season. Most businesses will have 20% off on special items. The Feminine Mystique will have 20% off anything in the gallery. Come down and visit us even if it is just to see the gallery and our smiling faces.

April Featured Artist:

Pat Aguilar

Hand Built Clay Sculptures

Pat Aguilar

(Patricia Jean Druener) was born in New York City in 1949. Her father came as a boy from Germany and her mother was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Growing up in the military exposed Pat to different cultures, both in the United States and Germany.

Being a child in the 1950’s was very confusing for a girl. We were told we didn’t need higher education (think about a career), “You’ll just get married anyway.” Also, it was so very important to be attractive, “How else will you get a man?” Being yourself didn’t do it.

By the time she was forming her own opinion, Pat had strong feelings against inequality, whether it was Black/White, Jew/Gentile, Male/Female.

Betty Friedan made a big difference in Pat’s life. She knew by reading The Feminine Mystique, she could do anything she wanted to do, career-wise, family, etc. Ms. Friedan had a gentle and educative touch, a more sensible approach at being all, as a woman.

Pat tried to help other women by becoming active in NOW and other less known women’s conscience raising groups.

While attending college for accounting, Pat was encouraged to use the other half of her brain, so she took up pottery. Ms. Aguilar has been a potter for over 35 years now, specializing in miniature houses, masks, boxes, etc. (slab work mostly). In 1973, Pat married Ed Aguilar and moved west. They now have three children and seven grandchildren.

Meet these wonderful artists at Feminine Mystique Art Gallery 
 during Bonanza Days

Joyce Chaney

Silk tie artist

Visiting during "Bonanza Days" April 27

Annette Lowery

Southwest watercolor images

Visiting during "Bonanza Days" April 27

Sophia Bedoni

Budding new artist

Visiting during "Bonanza Days" April 27

Chris Arpad

Established steel drummer

Visiting during "Bonanza Days" April 28

Vicki Arpad

Intuitive painter

Visiting during "Bonanza Days" April 28

Stop in the Gallery and sign up for our E-newsletter and be included in our monthly RAFFLE to win an original piece of art. Even if you are already on our mailing list, you are eligible to come in each month to place a new ticket in the vase. April's prize will be Set of Three Journals by Ann Ramsey.

--Setof 3 Journals

You could be the Raffle Prize Winner for April

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