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Diana Aronson

Over time, I have learned to search out artistry that honors the gifts and talents I didn’t know I had. Throughout my life journey including Nursing, child & adult education, process improvement and finding artistic outlets, I have worked with paints, polymer clay, stained glass, silversmithing, precious metal clays, lapidary, and most recently with clay.

Each piece made is brimming with love and the best of what is within me. As I am creating, the piece in my hands is, at that moment, my very favorite. I love imagining it being used by someone who finds it ‘fits’ them and brings a smile to their heart. I hope you enjoy these creations as much as I love creating them for you!

Trudy Baker

When relocating to Green Valley, AZ from Madison, Wisconsin in 2007, I became fascinated with learning about the unique culture of the Southwest. I learned all I could about native plants, foods, history, and the arts.

Having always been one to create with my hands and loving texture & color, I found my new passion in jewelry arts as a member of the GVR Lapidary & Silversmith Club. I learned from experienced members who were generous in sharing their time and talents. I took classes and eventually enjoyed teaching others. I now create designs using metalsmith techniques in sterling silver and copper jewelry. I have the most fun combining materials and techniques, including folded/shaped metal, in my designs.

Christel Brumann

I was born in Berlin and grew up in Germany. Both of my parents had studied music and my father played at the Opera house in Berlin.
They wanted me to become a musician too, but I was always more attracted to drawing, painting and crafts. I believe that my musical talent helped me to learn languages, but I never was really good playing an Instrument. I lived in Italy for five years and consider it my second home. In Italy Art is everywhere. Living there inspired me a lot and I had a lot of artist friends. Even though I had to work to make a living all my life, I have always been creative and tried various mediums whenever I had time.

When I moved to Tucson, I went to the Gem and Mineral Show and was overwhelmed…I bought a lot of beads and started making jewelry. After a couple of basic classes, I moved to books and the Internet to learn. I enjoy the possibilities of beadwork a lot, always trying new techniques and materials and coming up with my own ideas. Especially I’m inspired by antique jewelry of the Romans and the Greeks. I also like Art Deco, the Edwardian Style or antique Russian styles.

Andrea Frost

Andrea Frost's background draws on both the culture and vibrancy of the city, having been born in New York, and also very profoundly on the spirit and beauty of the Arizona desert, where she was raised from the age of 12. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in Tucson and pursued her graduate studies at Pratt Institute in New York. While using her talents and training to teach art to young adults, Andrea pursued various forms of artistic expression, bringing her sense of elegance and beauty to every endeavor. 

Some of Andrea's signature pieces include glass pendants and decorative tiles which depict beautiful desert landscapes against a monsoon sky or a starry night.  Also, with her deep appreciation and love of wildlife and animals of all sorts, she is known for her very colorful and fun assortment of animal brooches, representing horses, rabbits, cats, dogs and bumblebees.  All for you to wear and enjoy!

Lori Johnson

Lori's love of working with dichroic glass started with a class in Green Valley, Arizona and continues today. She studied architecture, art and cartography in Portland, Oregon and spent time as a graphic design intern before graduating and moving into the computer programming field. She is also a Reiki II practitioner. Now retired from the computer field, she has been enthusiastically embracing her art again.


Joyce Pink

Joyce Pink has had a passion for water and water quality since she can remember. While raising three children on a small farm in Enumclaw Washington she joined the Farmers for Clean Water organization and gave stream quality presentations in elementary classrooms. After the death of her husband in 2001 she went professionally into water quality as the Finance Manager for a drinking water quality non-profit. After the death of her father in 2005 Joyce lived in Zihautanejo on and off for a year and a half where she learned to scuba dive with camera in hand. Her passion for taking photos under the water and sharing that beauty with others grew over the years.

Sharon Stringer

Sharon loves to express the culture, plant life, geography and colors of Southern Arizona and Mexico in her pillows. Making people smile is of utmost importance with her whimsical and humorous themes. Her pillows feature machine embroidery, quilting, couching, hand made piping, and fabric dying.  All of her pillows are one of a kind and many have an unexpected combination of prints and trims that create interest and a unique design.  



Sherry Simon-Heldt

Sherry lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband, their Australian Shepherd, and their four horses, and has had her own psychotherapy practice since 2002. In 2005, horses came into — and totally changed — her life. Over the years they have taken her on amazing Journeys — facilitating many special workshops starting an equine therapy program in Central America, and lots of incredible trail rides. 

A few times a year, Sherry visits Ajijic, Mexico, where she has made wonderful friends and has volunteered facilitating equine therapy. Her close ties there inspired her to work with Mexican nichos (shadow boxes), various gemstones, and figures that “tell a story” of her passion for working with horses, and her love for the Southwest desert and native cultures.

Watch this space for new artist introductions.