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Ashley Coll

At the moment, In my latest series, inspired by the beauty of the Southwest landscape, I am attempting to portray the effects of the primal forces of nature on the world about us. I want to draw the viewer into my exploration and provoke a sense of wonder. I seek to create a world of beauty and mystery the viewer will want to enter, and in entering, discover something uniquely visionary. Along with themes from nature, I am excitedly exploring the use of spiritual and religious symbolism in my work.


Lori Felix

The Divine Goddess energy flows from my core. Sensual forms in nature inspires my soul to create, we are all connected to Mother Earth, this synchronistic medley of nature.

I use found objects, recycled materials which I collage in to my mixed media assemblages. The goddess wall hangings I design are created from wood, assembled and embellished.

I offer workshops with goddess themes empowering women to express their spiritual journey.

Through my use of color and subject, it is my intention to inspire healing and instill a sense of peace and harmony to my viewers.

Lynne Jordan

Lynne has studied art at the University of Oregon, New Mexico State University, and the Lesnick Art Studio in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has received numerous awards and one woman exhibitions. Her works are in oils, watercolors, and pastels. She has also mastered her state of the art technique in wood burning, and light carving on 3-dimensional driftwood that she calls pyrographic sculpture. This art form, originally called Pyrography, began in Russia, moved into Germany, and on to America in the 1700's. It was a ladies parlor room activity. Lynne has advanced this art form into the 21st century with realism in western and wildlife subject matter.

NanSea PattonNannSea Patton

Why do I paint? I paint to be part of the wondrous things around us. Have you ever looked into a puppy’s eyes? They have so much to say, but they only have those eyes to tell us their story. Let me capture those eyes and share them with you. Have you ever really looked at a Cardinal? Do you see how majestic that little bird is? I paint it so I can take that home with me, and I can pass it along to others. How about the feisty little Rufus Humming bird? Their little tiny feathers, how they glisten in the sunlight! How can you not be amazed by their perfection? A painting can let us keep it. Remember it. And be amazed all over again.

That’s why I paint. The world around me still touches my heart. A beautiful landscape still reaches into my soul. Laughing children will one day be ruling our world. What will they see? That is why I paint.

PelowskiBarbara Pelowski

Enamels have been my passion since the mid 1960’s when--while earning a teaching license--I was assigned to an enameling class. This exploration continued with several enameling instructors in the Milwaukee area and a membership in Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council.

The use of enameling and patchwork together is an extremely unusual combination. The time spent painting the enamels, seeking out interesting fabrics while traveling, manipulating colors, as well as designing and sewing fabric are enjoyable and satisfying to me.


Watch this space for new artist introductions.