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Workshops by local artists are available this season!

The Feminine Mystique Art Gallery is excited to hold workshops at the gallery.
Every Saturday in January 2020

Pat has been making her clay women for several years now. The last few years she has added bead work to them. The beads are sown onto the clay figure. When Pat builds the piece, she adds holes where the beads will go. This beading stage of the process is offered in a class. Pat will build and glaze the figure used. Pat will also offer her stock of beads to complete the project. All materials are included in the price.

Cost of each class:

  • Saguaro Cactus   $55
  • Going to the Opera $75
  • Shawl Dancer  $75
  • Flower Girl  $75
  • Spirit Sister $55

The cost is figured by amount of beads needed. The Flower Girl has glass flowers.

For more information or sign up for a class, call Pat Aguilar, 520-988-0131
Space is limited, Sign up soon!

Saguaro Cactus

Going to the Opera

Shawl Dancer

Flower Girl

Spirit Sister


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